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Vehicle Tracking and the Law in the UK

The benefits of GPS trackers are considerable for businesses, especially those who are tasked with fleet management. However, many of these benefits also raise questions over the use of tracking for watching or monitoring employees. Here is some handy information on what the law says about vehicle tracking and employees.

There are laws specifically dealing with vehicle tracking systemsand these come under two existing and important law tenets – the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Human Rights Act.

The Human Rights Act covers the privacy of an individual and makes it illegal to misuse any personal data that is obtained through vehicle tracking technology.

Vehicle Tracking and the Law in the UK

Vehicle tracking in the UK is also governed by the Data Protection Act meaning all gathered data must be treated fairly and lawfully, be relevant and accurate and stored no longer than is necessary.

There are multiple benefits for businesses, but they must be aware of the rules around tracking their employees. An example of one rule is that companies may only track vehicles if the employee agrees to that tracking. For more information on Vehicle Tracking, visit Vehicle Accessories.

Here are some examples of things companies cannot do:

Tracking to check up on workers – Whilst it is legal to track business vehicles, it must be for collecting data only for business purposes and not to track employee behaviour or the company risks fines and penalties.

Tracking in non-business hours – If vehicles are used outside of core business hours, they can have a tracking device, but it must be turned off outside of working hours.

Covert tracking – Hiding a device is also not allowed if it’s for monitoring an employee. A hidden device can be installed if it’s to prevent theft and the employee has given their consent.

GPSJamming – This is strictly prohibited. Any process that damages, abuses or replaces data is restricted.

Vehicle Tracking and the Law in the UK

To avoid any issues, it’s wise to have open and constructive conversations with your employees before deciding on vehicle tracking devices. This protects the business as there can be no mistakes or confusion resulting in fines and penalties. Keeping up-to-date with any changes to rules and regulations is also important.

It is also important to safeguard all the data that is collected from the devices and as an employer, this is your legal duty.

Installing tracking devices is definitely worth considering as there are many benefits to businesses. These include:

Tracking in real-time means businesses can reach employees much faster if they are in need

Location data is a safeguard against theft and can lead to significant insurance discounts

Employees become more aware of their driving behaviours and tracking can reduce speeding incidents by up to 60%

Employee efficiency is improved

Common Ways Catering Services Are Priced

Catering solutions are actually almost everywhere, creating it fairly mind-boggling when it happens the opportunity to tap the services of a firm for your celebration or even event. Finding out some truths concerning how catering companies determine the costs of their companies may aid you to limit down the possibilities, and likewise aid you match the correct service to your certain spending plan. Continue analysis to discover the leading 3 rates strategies food caterers utilize for their companies, and how they vary coming from each other.

General Cost of Catering

The sort of price device a catering business usages will definitely not essentially produce one business a lot more economical than the various other. The total price of your catering is going to depend upon numerous variables, largely the measurements, and range of your occasion, and also the extra companies you pick to support your provided meals. However, the sort of price body can easily supply collections of perks in regards to comfort, effectiveness, and clarity.

Recognizing where the expenses of your solutions are actually stemming from is actually a significant motivation for customers when it relates to employing a catering business. Also though the costs body catering service out not help make one business less costly than additional, specific rates devices may produce it extra relaxed for customers that really want to recognize how their last billing happened to be actually.

Leading 3 Pricing Systems Used through Caterers

It is actually quite like a pre-set deal that consists of the kinds of companies and also food items they want. For much larger events, a greater rate is actually very likely utilized, which might feature a lot more food items and also additional service. Taken care of – Like a food selection at rest down bistro, numerous event caterers utilize a dealt with cost menu variety. The design of this cost is actually frequently utilized for dining establishments that possess catering branches, as properly as, separately had a catering business.

Common Ways Catering Services Are Priced

Custom-made – Custom rates are actually not as usual considering that it often tends to entail client/company negotiating, yet it is actually utilized in the catering business sometimes, specifically for wedding ceremonies. Using this determining version, customers and also planners sit and create a personalized catering food selection in agreement to attendee matter, meal choices, and solutions called for. During the course of the conference, both catering organizers and customers cover the ideal rates for everything. Irrespective of rates style, a certified catering firm must have the ability to provide excellent end results, tasty food items, and expert service, all at an acceptable and also sincere cost. To guarantee you receive the ideal rate on your accommodated celebration, decide on a provider that possesses the expertise, honesty, and skill.