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Rock Street, San Francisco
Rock Street, San Francisco
2010 Olympic Venues

The locations for the Vancouver Olympics will certainly be actually malfunctioned right into 2 classifications competitors and also non-competition locations.

Competitors Venues

Vancouver is actually the center of the Olympic task, yet tournaments for the activities will definitely be actually dispersed throughout the 4 various areas.

Vancouver as well as Richmond

The Competition Olympic sites for the Vancouver Olympics are going to be actually found in 4 adjoining metropolitan areas Whistler, West Vancouver, Vancouver as well as Richmond

Vancouver is actually residence to 4 major featuring locations for the 2010 Olympic Games. These showing off sites consist of Canada Hockey Place, Vancouver Olympic Center, Pacific Coliseum, UBC Thunderbird Arena.

These celebrations will definitely hold celebrations including hockey, curling, and also design roller skating. Rate roller skating will definitely be actually kept at the Richmond Olympic Oval which lies in midtown Vancouver in Richmond metropolitan area source.


You will definitely discover various competitors sites situated in Whistler consisting of The Whistler Sliding Center, Whistler Creekside, and also Whistler Olympic Park/ Whistler Paralympic Park. A lot of interesting occasions are going to be actually carried at these Olympic locations consisting of bobsleigh, luge, skeletal system, and also towering snowboarding. Whistler is actually 2nd just to Vancouver in its own value and also the number of prepared activities at the 2010 Olympic Games.

2010 Olympic Venues

Whistler Olympic/Paralympic playground alone will certainly organize a variety of celebrations consisting of Olympic biathlon, Paralympic biathlon, Olympic cross nation snowboarding, Paralympic ratty nation snowboarding, Nordic mixed, as well as snowboard switching.

West Vancouver

Some of the absolute most breathtakingly wonderful Olympic places you will certainly check out is actually Cypress Mountain situated in Cypress Provincial Park in the area of West Vancouver. You will certainly locate that the viewpoints of the metropolitan area of Vancouver as well as its own port are actually certainly not to become skipped, however Cypress Mountain will definitely additionally hold some activities that should not be actually overlooked. You may observe the freestyle snowboarding and also snowboarding activities at this well-known British Columbia ski region, during the course of the Vancouver video games.

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